you wanted to learn more about me? i'm flattered!


I'm all about capturing those intimate and candid moments. those little laughs in-between poses, that good stuff. 

I am originally from Chicago, lived there for 10 years, then moved to Houston which is where i call home. (everything is bigger & better in texas, right?)

Since then, i've moved to utah and i am based just south of salt lake city!


i want you to have a blast working with me! 

i started photography in july of 2019!

believe it or not, photography is not my full time gig!

that's right, i'm actually a full time employment specialist.

i have a strong passion to help people and improve their quality of life.

i assist those that are homeless, disabled, or coming out of recovery/addiction with gaining employment! it's the best.

i get to work with so many different types of people & populations, i'm so blessed to get to work with them, and hopefully i'll get to work with you too!